How to find Japanese subtitles

SABU is the App for you to watch your favorite drama and Anime together with a Japanese subtitle.   After loading your movie with the subtitle, you can enjoy your learning Japanese with ease.  Dictionary search would be just a swipe on the iphone.  Repeat sentence would be just a click away.

But how to find Japanese subtitles?  Here are some tips.


d-addicts is a forum dedicated to Japanese Drama.   The following link lists out all drama titles with Japanese subtitles.

If you are chasing Japanese TV on air now, you must visit jpsubber below.   It records the subtitles of prime time TV shows and puts it on the web.  If you go to the mains path, you can also find popular dramas from 2010 to 2014.


For Anime, you can have a look at kitsuneko.

The following sites/forums ( mainly in Chinese ) also have a lot of Japanese subtitles.諸神%20mkv日文字幕

Some Fansubs would provide soft Japanese subtitle MKV. For example, Anime subbed by kamigami usually have Japanese and Chinese in their MKV. You can extract those Japanese subtitle by ffmpeg into SRT or SSA subtitle files.