SABU 2.0 finally released!

SABU Version 2.0 has been released.  Yes, as we aim to build the best App to learn Japanese from subtitle, we’ve packed it with with tons of new amazing features!

Here are summary of the new features.  Please check out the Feature Pages for details.

SABU 2.0 New Features : 

Expanded dictionary with 6,000 Kanji characters
Expanded dictionary with 720,000 Japanese names
Much improved conjugation and recognised forms
Included recognition of Japanese numbers and counters
Much improved UI for dictionary explanation
One-touch word pronunciation
Support for IOS built-in dictionary search
Support for wiki search and web search.
Included support to SSA subtitle format
Support for subtitle search
Support for dictionary search ( for words not in subtitle )

Sentence-repeat mode
Sentence-loop mode