How to make dual lyrics for your music?

SABU has a built-in feature to edit timing of subtitles so that the dual subtitles and movies could be in sync.
Now, SABU also incorporates the full capability to make dual and synchronized subtitles for your music.

To do first, first load your mp3 into SABU and find the text of the lyrics from web.

First load the song in SABU and make sure “[none]” is selected in the subtitles as shown in (1)-(3).
The subtitles filename generated would be based on the mp3 filename and the language you selected main and aux languages.

Then, press (4) to bring up the Edit screen

Here are the basic description of the screen
(5) move backward the start time of the current lyric in main subtitle
(6) move forward the start time of the current lyric in main subtitle
(7) beginning time of the current lyric
You can also adjust the timing of the end time of the lyric and also those of the aux subtitle

(8) display the current lyric.
– single click to open the lyric edit page
– press and hold to directly update the lyric
– double click to paste the next lyric line and move to next lyric
(9) mark the start time of the the main subtitle
(10) mark the end time of the main subtitle. move to the next line and fill in the next line of lyric from the lyric buffer.
(11) play or stop the music
(12) delete current line of the main subtitle
(13) fill in the current aux subtitle with line from the lyric buffer
(14) clone all the timing from the main subtitle
(15) enable/disable time shift mode. when this mode is on, moving the start time of the lyric would move all subsequent lines by the same time. this is useful when you need to cut the advertisement and align the start time of the song.
(16) accept and save all changes
(17) cancel and discard all changes
(NEW) current subtitle no/total subtitle lines on the left hand side ( for the primary subtitle only )
(18) swipe to left to edit previous dialogue
(19) swipe to right to edit next dialogue

Step by Step procedure to make dual synchronised lyric for your song


Press (1) to bring up the Lyric page
Press (2) to edit the lyric. If the mp3 has the lyric inside, you can press (3) to retrieve lyric from the file directly.
(NEW) Clear Lyric – clear the lyric lines in the buffer to be used for the subtitles
(NEW) Paste All Lines Below – paste all lyric lines in the buffer to the current and subsequent subtitle lines.
The lyric page (4) is blank initially.
(NEW) Paste – replace the lyric buffer with the clipboard content.


Now, switch to safari or other App with the lyric text.
Copy the text as shown in (1)
Switch back to SABU lyric page and paste the text in (2)
The result is shown in (3).

Each non-blank line would correspond to a dialogue subtitle. You can edit, split or merge lines.

Click (4) to go back


Now the lyric buffer is filled with the lyric text.
Click (1) to go back
Click (2) to play the music
When the first line of lyric is heard, click (3) to insert a new line and mark the end of the current line.
The first line from the lyric buffer is automatically pasted into the lyric box (4)
Keep pressing (4) when you hear the end of the current lyric line
When the song finish, you should have the main subtitle made with synchronised lyric.

Sometimes, there is a big time gap between lyric lines. You do not want to mark the start time of the line as the end time of the previous one. In this case, when the music gap finish and the next line actually begins, press “Mark Start” to remark the start time of the next line.

Sometimes, the lyric is repeated and the next lyric line is not the one your want. Just press the text to bring up the Edit Lyric page. Select the correct line from the lyric buffer. It also updates the next lyric line to be used.


Now, the main subtitle ( Japanese ) is made. Click (1) to clone the timing from main subtitle to aux (English/Chinese) subtitle. Since you have all the timing for the aux subtitle, you just need to fill in the text.

Click the aux subtitle (2) to bring up the lyric page. Repeat the previous steps to load the aux lyric lines so that you see the lyric buffer is filled with the aux lyric lines you want as in (3)


Select the line to update the current aux lyric line (1).
Press (2) to copy the next lyric line in to the aux subtitle (3).
Keep pressing (2) until you finish.
Press (4) to save the subtitle files.

The new subtitles files are named with the mp3 filename and appended the main/aux language you selected.
They are associated to the mp3. Whenever you load that mp3, the two subtitle files will be loaded

< WARNING : Only add a vocab for that SRT file after you finish editing the SRT. Add/delete dialogue may cause the linkage in the flash card to the original movie to fail. The flash card is linked to the sequence no of the SRT and it is okay to adjust timing of each dialogue but not addition or deletion of the word >